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Ltd. "ABC accounting" is a company with many years of experience in accounting services. The number of our clients has reached 150 companies, which cover diverse business sectors. We offer a complete accounting service, by the “all included” principle, meaning, that we offer our clients not only processing of accounting documents, but also free of charge tax consultation, as well as preparation of annual reports for micro businesses, without additional fees. Our principle is to provide a high quality service for a "friendly" fee.

The monthly fee for our services starts from 20 € per month.

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Accounting Services

We offer our accounting services to a variety of companies in different fields: construction, manufacturing, trading companies, tourism, real estate management, service providers, micro-enterprises, health sector, state and municipal institutions, non-governmental organizations, as well as in education..

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For Our Clients

By becoming our client you can receive gift card within a year of 450 EUR,

Which means as a client you will not only gain standard accounting services but also:

  • Free lectures on your business issues;
  • Free advice on tax optimization;
  • Free legal advice within the value of 100 EUR;
  • Regular monitoring of resource mobilization;
  • Individual consulting of European Union’s money fond attraction;

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Our accounting services are specialized for a variety of businesses

Manufacturers, trading companies, service providers, in education, tourism, real estate management, health sector workers, in states and municipal institutions, for non-governmental organizations, micro-enterprises, as well as companies operating in other sectors.

In many years Ltd “ABC grāmatvedība” (ABC accounting) employees have gained extensive experience in providing:

accounting services to companies operating in the construction sector.

The construction sector accounting services has its specific related to the additional knowledge of the construction industry's normative documentation (Construction Law, Cabinet Regulations Nr.500 "General Construction Regulations"), as well as knowledge of the construction sector accounting features:Bussines consultations

  • VAT on construction;
  • VAT on real estate transactions;
  • Long-term investments in, evaluation;
  • Current assets accounting and assessment;
  • Assesment of inventories;
  • Accounts receivable inventory, evaluation, creation of provisions for doubtful debtors;
  • Provisioning obligations;
  • Commitment evaluation;
  • Income and expenses of construction contracts and long-term construction contracts;
  • Profit and loss statement preparation;
  • Compiling of balance sheet;
  • Our specialists also have experience working with EU funds and financial instruments CCFI learners.

accounting services real estate managers.

skaitliAccounting services for house owners and apartment owner association, which manages its properties. We can also recommend to use a special program NĪVIS (Real Estate Management Online System), which is meant for real estate management and administration. With help of NĪVS system, any house manager, or the manager can automate operations execution of many routines, as well as receive the necessary references in the NĪVS system which have implemented following functions: flexible setting of tariff calculation, ability to quickly edit bills of any service, single service payment automatic partitioning, automatic group creation and sending of it to billing group (to the printer and / or email and / or web), incorrect invoice group deleting, creation of any agreement and management, opportunity to record and store the history of relations with citizens, the opportunity to receive from the public (answer) any requests from their web pages in the system, apartment dwellers and office tenants have access to the Internet, have an opportunity to browse their bill and payment history, enter the data of apartment meter, learn news from house administration, submit off plan service application via internet.

accounting services for associations and foundations.

Our company has experience in dealing with the status of public benefit organizations and their specific preparation of reports to the Ministry of Finance. We draw financial statements for associations and foundations.

accounting services for manufacturers.

veiksmeOur professionals have identified practices both with large and small production specifics, especially in wood work industry.

accounting services for commerce company’s.

Our company has established successful cooperation with commerce companies, which represent both retail and wholesale business. Our accounting services are compatible with the online store solutions, which allow to import and export data from online store data base, thus allowing our customers to save by reducing the costs of accounting.

accounting services for companies operating in tourism.

Our specialists successfully cooperate with both inbound and outbound tour operators and travel agencies. Company’s operating in this business receive the accounting services provided with knowledge of specificities of the sector, according to the Tourism Law and the Value Added Tax Act 136. We also work with hotels and guest house owners.

accounting services for medical institutions.

tehnologija Out-patient hospitals, specialized medical practices.

accounting services for used car trading companies.

Used vehicle sales accounting services are very specific, as it require specific knowledge of the specific taxation regime with deals with second-hand goods. It requires to develop the company according to the accounting methodology in accordance with Cabinet Regulation No. 17 XI. Part (second-hand goods, works of art, collectors' items or antiques accounting procedures and records to ensure the necessary documents), as well as appropriate to Value Added Tax Act requirements of Article 138.

accounting services for micro-enterprises

We prepare quarterly tax returns for microenterprise, VAT declarations, as well as micro-enterprise annual financial reports.

restaurantTaking in to account that each industry and individiual client need we offer:

  • Development of company’s accounting methodology;
  • Company’s accounting is carried out computarized, visible and systematically;
  • Accounting document processing and booking;
  • Representation of the company in the State Revenue Service;
  • Receivables management - invoice booking;
  • Supplier Invoice booking;
  • Account balances reconciliation of creditors and debtors;
  • Advance billing records;;
  • Fixed assets;;
  • Bank records;
  • Cash register accounting;
  • Payroll calculation;
  • Individually prepared reports for companys board at the request;
  • Operative preparation of financial reports;
  • Preparation of the Annual Report;
  • Cooperation with the auditors;
  • Consultations of tax optimization;
  • Others non-standard services.
Service fee is determined by the average amount of accounts per month. Our accounting services are approximately calculable here.